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June 3


Welcome to Handshake Access 2021

Creating Certainty in Uncertainty: Virtual Recruiting in Fall 2021 and Beyond

Higher Ed and the Workplace Today

Employer Relations in 2021: Continuing the Connections


Cleaning Up Your Student Data: How to Ensure Your Handshake Data is More Accurate

The Pandemic Pivot: Guiding Employers and Campus Partners into the Virtual Age of Recruiting

The Student Perspective: Virtual Job Search and Connections

Metrics that Matter: Establishing Career Value in Higher Education



June 4


Recalculating: How Career Educators Can Help Students in the Next Era of Work

Reimagining the Employer Trust Score

Embedding Career Services into the Institutional Experience


Career Service Best Practices for Engaging the Virtual Student

Equity, Justice, and Belonging: Redesigning Career Services for Students of Color



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