With the impact of COVID-19 rippling through regularly scheduled business, many recruiting events including career fairs are either getting canceled, postponed, or going digital. Meanwhile, your hiring goals haven’t changed—you’re still looking to recruit remarkable early talent.

The question then is, “How can you shift your in-person strategy to bring in a stream of qualified candidates digitally?” Many employers are already turning to virtual events as their primary way of engaging with students and recent alumni during this time.

Virtual events aren’t new. The technology exists, and Handshake makes it easy to adopt creative ways to promote these events to our talent pool of nearly 6M+ active students across 950+ partner schools and counting, plus students in Handshake’s Open Network.

To help you recruit remarkable talent for your next virtual event, join our webinar for best practices on creating and hosting engaging virtual events—you'll learn how to: 

  • Identify the type of virtual event that resonates best with your audience
  • Set goals and choose an optimal live streaming platform to help you accomplish them
  • Drive attendance from your priority segments, keep them engaged during the event, and send targeted follow up after

Garrett Lord
CEO & Co-Founder, Handshake

Garrett Lord is the co-founder and CEO of Handshake, the leading career community for college students in the U.S. Handshake is ensuring college students have the support they need to find to find a great job and kick-off a meaningful career regardless of where they go to school, what they choose as a major, and who they know. Garrett is passionate about creating access and democratizing opportunity as he faced similar barriers to many college students today -- he and his classmates at Michigan Tech were talented engineering students, but struggled to get noticed by employers. 8 hours away from Detroit and 6 hours away from Chicago, Michigan Tech is in the middle of nowhere in upper-peninsula of Michigan and lacks the name recognition. So they set out to create a product that would democratize opportunity for students across the country.

Pallavi Johary Ralhan
Customer Success Team Lead, Handshake

Pallavi Ralhan is our Customer Success Lead with 6+ years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies building strategy and driving change management. She is passionate about helping companies drive adoption and best practices and leveraging software as part of their day to day jobs.

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