The spring recruiting season is one of the busiest recruiting seasons of the year. Employers typically take advantage of this time to head on-campus to meet face-to-face with qualified candidates.

Yet with schools and communities reducing in-person gatherings to help curb the spread of COVID-19, many of your career fairs and on-campus events have likely already been affected. You still have hiring goals to meet—now what?

One approach we’re seeing employers adopt is a shift in their entire in-person strategy to recruiting from home—from proactively building their top-of-funnel qualified candidate pipeline to closing hires and everything in between.

Tune in to learn:

  • The changing landscape of recruiting
  • A holistic approach to engaging candidates online
  • How to conduct events, interviews, and internships digitally

Ben Christensen
Co-founder and Head of People & Talent at Handshake

Ben is a Co-founder and Head of People and Talent at Handshake. Ben's passion lies in solving new and complex problems in original ways. He enjoys tackling problems without clear solutions and working through them.

He wants to use his skills to help make a difference, whether it is improving the quality of the products protecting a system, helping increase the reliability of communication between devices, or something else. He wants the work he does to have an impact and help people in some way.

Mallory Wheaton
Manager, Employer Account Management at Handshake

Mallory leads our Employer Account Management team at Handshake. She is lucky to spend every day working with the nations top employer's helping them shape their early talent recruiting strategy on Handshake! Prior to Handshake, Mallory worked at a variety of other technology companies in the HR/ Talent space.

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