With unemployment at a historic low, both the early and professional talent markets are more competitive, and it’s even tougher for the entire recruiting organization to meet its goals. Find out how Cerner shifted their use of Handshake to meet their ever-changing early talent recruiting goals.

When Cerner first started partnering with Handshake, the campus recruiting team was able to evolve their campus relations from approximately 30 colleges visits seasonally to expanding to virtual year-round outreach at over 300 colleges across the country. As the recruiting team saw success in the programmatic campus hiring efforts, they were able to scale and tailor outreach to include students & alumni for hard-to-fill roles and positions in new regions. As a result of this expansion, Cerner sent 4X more messages, which has resulted in a 300% increase in employer brand awareness among early talent.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Pivot your recruiting to different business areas and locations
  • Supplement your high-volume campaigns with more personalized outreach
  • Coordinate with other teams to start recruiting early talent