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Building fairer and more inclusive recruitment processes in a post-COVID UK 



Wednesday May 5 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM BST







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In this special live edition of the Handshake Early Talent Podcast, we’ll be discussing the issue of Netpotism, and obtaining perspectives from leading professionals in HE and recruitment.


Handshake has undertaken and commissioned extensive quantitative and qualitative research to investigate the post-Covid jobs landscape and implications for employers, students and society. 


This research examines the danger of exchanging one set of closed networks for another as the recruitment process moves exclusively online – essentially replacing the nepotism and uneven networks utilised previously with online equivalents that rely on where you went to school, who you’re connected to and what kind of access you have to the space, time and tech to interview effectively remotely (hence the name Netpotism).


By exposing this issue, we are hoping that employers, students and education providers alike can seize the opportunity to combat it. 


Joining us are Rebecca Fielding (Founder and Managing Director of Gradconsult) and Hung Lee (Chief Curator of Recruiting Brainfood).


In the meantime, Netpotism research paper is available to download here. You can also see this infographic outlining the key findings of our research.


Finally, you can find all the previous episodes of the Handshake Early Talent Podcast over on our blog!

Our Handshake Early Talent Podcast is hosted by Dimitar Stanimiroff, General Manager of EMEA at Handshake. 







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Guest Speakers





Hung Lee

Chief Curator, Recruiting Brainfood

Rebecca Fielding

Founder/MD, Gradconsult

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