Customer Stories

Fortune 500 banks, Tech moguls, and Mom & Pops alike are using Handshake for a range of use cases. Read about how companies are reaching more students, engaging them more effectively, and ultimately hiring their best, most diverse teams ever.

Case Study

Box Diversifies its Talent Pipeline with a More Expansive School List

Since partnering with Handshake, Box has strategically shifted from a core school list approachrecruiting at only 6 campusesto an expansive school list approach, reaching over 200 campuses country-wide.

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Case Study

IBM Partners with Handshake to Democratize Information for Students

With virtual events on Handshake, IBM was able to reach hundreds of underrepresented engineering candidates from over 100 universities who otherwise would not have been exposed to the opportunities at hand.

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Case Study

M&T Bank Optimizes On-Campus Visits & Delivers More Value with Proactive Outreach

Running campaigns on Handshake prior to campus visits generated thousands of qualified applicants and helped M&T Bank maximize their visibility during on-campus events.

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Case Study

Addison Group leverages Handshake to help launch a proactive campus recruiting strategy

Running campaigns on Handshake prior to campus visits generated thousands of qualified applicants and helped M&T Bank maximize their visibility during on campus events.

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Video Testimonial

HubSpot targets & attracts their ideal early talent nationwide with Handshake

HubSpot, a software company with about 2,000 employees, has boosted early talent hiring results across the country with Handshake Premium. Colleen Grant, Global Campus Recruiting Manager, and her team lean on proactive event promotion, targeted job campaigns, and media-rich branding across the Handshake platform.

Product Information

Browse through our collection of data sheets, white papers, ebooks, and more to learn more about how Handshake's comprehensive Premium offering can up-level your university recruiting program.

Data Sheet

Handshake Premium: Powering Your Next Generation of College Recruiting

Because the journey from college to career isn’t transactional, students are increasingly becoming savvy job-seekers in their search. Employers need to go beyond the legacy ways of college recruiting to keep up.

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Enact Your Holistic Event Strategy: How to Make Sure Your Events Don't Miss the Mark

Learn how you can make the most of your team's time on campus by refining your events program to reach more students, increase engagement, and leverage data to ensure a high ROI.

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A New Hope for the Future of Talent: How Democratizing College Recruiting Will Change the Modern Workplace Forever

Entry-level recruiting is now critical to building a winning organization in the long term, on multiple dimensions.

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Trend Reports

Handshake’s three-sided network provides a unique vantage point to uncover the trends shaping the entry-level talent landscape. Our analysis is based on Handshake’s community of 9 million college students and young alumni from more than 500 universities across the country and 250,000 employers .


Handshake's Annual Campus to Career Report: What Today's College Students Want Next

Take a deep dive into key employment factors — from most popular employers, to which cities, industries, and roles are hottest, to students’ unique keyword searches & skills.

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Watch our videos and webinar recordings to learn useful strategies and best practices around university recruiting.


SAS On Campus: Engaging and Hiring Top University Talent


Fall Scorecard: Deep-dive into Employer Insights from the 2018 Fall Recruiting Season


How Box Builds a Diverse & Inclusive Workplace

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Talent Champions:
Creating a Talent Brand

Kristen Ribero, head of employer marketing at Handshake, shares ideas for building an employer brand, measuring your efforts, and improving the effectiveness of college and university recruiting.

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NACE19 Recap: Transforming Early Talent Recruiting

Join us for a webinar on June 20, 2019 to unpack the key trends from the largest gathering of employers and colleges, and how you can apply them to your organization in time for Fall recruiting season.

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Powering the Next Generation of College Recruiting

Join the employer partnerships team for a webinar on Aug 1, 2019 to dive into Handshake's Premium offering, the Talent Engagement Suite.

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